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Seductive, Sensual and Timeless, Mint Home Merchandise combines the pure simplicity of natural materials with the understated sophistication of contemporary design.

From crisp Indian linens, to handcrafted Portuguese earthenware, our products are carefully selected for their ability to bring a sense of calm and equilibrium to your home.

With an emphasis on soft, amorphous shapes, subtle colour palettes, and fascinating textures, our products reflect the passion and time-honoured skills of the artisans who make them.

Fair trade is important to us and we make every effort to ensure that the workers involved in the production of our merchandise are treated fairly and respectfully. We also go out of our way to use products derived from environmentally renewable resources.

Mint Home products are available to trade businesses Australia wide.

About Angela Hrysomallis

Mint Home’s founder and designer, Ms Angela Hrysomallis has worked in the homeware industry for over 30 years.

Angela has a sophisticated eye for detail and is inspired by the clean simplicity of 20th Century Danish Design.


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